Mole rat
 Naked mole rats look very weird, they are mainly blind and so use their other sences like touch and smell to get around their under-ground homes.


A naked mole rat is the animal that lives the longest compared to its body size of any animal including humans. They generally live past 50 years of age and on into their 60's. It is thourght that they have a gene that allows their bodies to get to adult size and then they just stop growing and ageing. As animals grow older their bodies get weaker. With the naked mole rat, their bodies stay at maximum strength right up untill they die. All other animals die slowly. Naked mole rats only die when it is impossible for their bodies to continue living. They die very suddenly, one minute they are alive and well, the next they are dead.


Naked mole rats live more like insects than mamals. They live in big colonies with a queen that is constantly giving birth. Only the queen mates with males and a lot of the time it is with her own children as the only males that are in her colony are her children. They work together to build quite wide tunnels to get to the roots and tubas that they feed off.