Elephants are very strange animals, they have a long very muscular limb insted of a nose.Two teeth that stick out of their upper lip, also known as tusks. Large ears flap to loose heat and they can way over 4 tones.

Intelligence and emotionEdit

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, they are also the ones that are the most emotional. A mother will stand by her dead calf for two days before having to move on. Elephants can cry which is very rare among any animals and can also easily express joy and happiness in ways that even we can easily understand. They form bonds with all of the members of their herd and in some cases with other animals to.


Elephants can comunicate using sound and movement, for example, they say hello to each other by wrapping trunk around trunk and putting their heads close together. Grumbling is a more complex form of comunication. It can be used face to face, but it can also be used over a distance of many miles. Deeper sound travels much further than higher sound and so one herd can talk to another.


Elephants are huge cows. They have to feed all day on the wild grases of the savannah just to keep their bodies alive. They cannot run very fast compared to the other animals on the savannah and so their only real defence is to grow up fast. Once full grown, an Elephant is almost completly invincible to all of its former predators. The only time it can come upder threat form an animal is from humans or when the animals like lions are desperate for food. Then they group together and might just risk attacking an adult.

Their trunks are full of more than 2000 muscles is extemly strong and dextorus. Their tusks are teeth and so have nerves in them. This means that if they damage them in any way it can be excruciatingly painful (rhinos do not have nerves in their horn so they are not hert if their horns are cut off.)