Cheetahs are one of the fastest land mamals in the world. They can run past 80 miles per hour in some cases. They blend in well with the background and are extremly light weight for their size compared to the other big cats in the African savannah.


Cheetahs can actually run faster than their prey but are not quite as adgile. To even have a chance of catching their prey cheetahs have had to become very well adapted to just one thing, running and doing it fast. But to get to this kind of speed they have had to dramatically reduce their own body weight. This means that if they killed one of their fast moving prey then they are too light weight and often so tired that they do not have the energy to fight off any other predators that are looking for an easy meal.


Cheetahs can blend in so well with the tall grases in the savannah because of their spots. They are often mistaken for lepords because of these. The difference between the two is that a cheetah only has spots. A lepord has smaller spots in a circular pattern. Cheetahs are even more hidden from view when they are babies. They grow tufts of hair on their heads that means that they can climb on top of things to look around and still look just like grass.